Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Makes Him Sad

SO, in my church once a year they let the kids ages 4 to 12 do a presitation during church about the things they have learned through out the year.  the older kids give talks and the younger kids usually memorize things like, "I make Jesus happy when I share my toys with my brothers and sisters".  There is always a theme and they always sing lots of songs.  It is ALWAYS so much fun to watch.  Poor Tyler has missed it BOTH years he was old enough for it.  Bummer for him. 

My sister came over for dinner today and was telling me that this year in stead of giving the kids the things they want them to say, they decided to ask them a series of questions and have them say what THEY want to say.  I already thought, "Oh I SO wanna come see yours!"  before she even told me this story.  But then she told me the story and I immediately said, "Oh I am gonna have to blog about that one!"  SO HERE I AM.  

My sister teaches the 4 and 5 year olds and her mother in law teaches the 11 year old girls.  Well, there were no 11 year old girls at church today but the teacher for the 5 and 6 year olds didn't show up so her MIL taught that class instead.  She started asking them their questions and writing them down on the paper. 

"What makes Jesus sad?" 

A little girl who was wearing ALL pink and is very sweet and quiet ( from what I am told ) raised her hand and said, "When we are mean to others and don't listen to our parents."  MIL wrote that down and said very good."  Then the little girl added, "And when we kill people and set things on fire!"  HAHA

Her MIL couldn't help it and started laughing!  I don't know if I could have held in my laughter either. 

Hope everyone had a great Sunday.  Mine was kind of rough.  My parents church doesn't start until one and at 10:30 my kid had a melt down where he screamed at me for about a half an hour straight!  It dun wore both him and I out before we even had lunch.  I am one tired momma who needs to go to bed.

On a side note:  Anyone ever seen Izzy and Ivy designs?  They have way cute stuff and my mom bought a hat pattern but hadn't tried it yet.  I decided to be her pattern tester and trust me when I say it is turning out adorable!  My mom's sewing machine does awful button holes.  In fact it only does about half of it and then just keeps going back in forth and gets stuck.  Needless to say, once I get THAT figured out I can finish the hat and post pictures because it is ADORABLE!  I seriously CAN'T wait to finish it

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Jackie said...

One of my primary girls told me that when she is hungry and her parents won't let her have food she eats the carpet!


Kill people and burn things. That is is sad!

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