Friday, September 10, 2010


Sometimes losing is a good thing. I tell my kid this all the time because he is obsessed with winning. one of the times it is GOOD to lose is weight! I have been on the trek to loose weight and it has been a slow process, mainly because I cheat...A LOT! Today I had pizza, Dr. Pepper. Enough said. But good for me, I know how to eat now and lose the weight or to stop gaining weight. One of the coolest things ever for me recently was shopping for a new bra! That is right, you heard it right. I got to buy a SMALLER bra. It wasn't a D cup but a C. Insert smiley face here.

I have never had big boobs. Growing up I had B cups and I always wished they were bigger. Read more about that is THIS POST. For those who had small boobs and then got bigger ones through pregnancy or kids would know what I meant in the other post.

Any ways. It is so weird being a smaller size now. It feels amazing to be fitting into clothes that haven't fit for years. It feels good to buy a C bra and have it make a difference in how my boobs look in my clothes but the weird part boobs feel kind of small now. Go figure right?! As soon as the rest of me shrinks a little bit more I think I won't mind them being smaller but right now it seems a little strange. I guess this goes to show that we are never totally satisfied with ourselves. I am feeling good right now though so that is what is important. I REALLY wish I had more clothes that fit properly. I have a bunch of XXL shirts that are too big and then I have size 16 pants that are too big and fall down BUT size XL shirts and size 14 pants are still too tight. BOOOOOOOO I guess that means I just need to keep shrinking.

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