Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nubbies Bye Bye

Here are some pictures from just before Kayla's surgery

Last look at the nubbies :)  ( the surgeon marked them blue so he knew what to remove.....probably not necessary!  haha ) 

I had just put the gown on her and she stepped right out of it!  It was HUGE and it was the smallest they had. 

This was the only good one I could get with the gown on.  She was a trooper.  One of the nurses made her a balloon out of a rubber glove.  Tyler and Kayla thought that was the best thing ever!  I wish I would have taken a picture of the "bandage" they put on er hands after they sewed her up.  It was TINY!  It was kind of like on the movie Adventure's in Babysitting when the kid gets the knife in his foot and they only give him one stitch and he is worried they are gonna think he is a wuss!  haha  She had 3 or 4 stitches on the bigger one and just 2 on the small one.  We were about 15 minutes from home and she ripped the little band aide off and was pulling on her stitches.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO   So from now on we have wrapped her whole hand in adhesive tape.  She looks like a boxer!  She is doing good though. 
Now my niece is sick!  She was having trouble breathing so they took her to the ER and they sent her to the childrens hospital! She has been hooked up to a machine so she can breath.  They don't really know EXACTLY what is wrong but thinks she is having some kind of asthma attack.  First they have even heard of her possibly having asthma.  If you know my brother Scott and his kids, please keep Miss Bradlie in your prayers.  Thank you.

I FINALLY have a sewing project to add!  WOO HOO  I am going to wait a day or two ( If I can stand it ) to post pictures because it is being mailed out tomorrow.  I FINALLY finished the purse for Crystal who was my giveaway winner!  YEAH!  I really didn't intend on it taking soooooooooooo long to get it done but I had issues with it.  I am happy with the way it turned out but also annoyed at my sewing machine.  I am starting to have some slight issues with it and it is now showing in projects like this.  Hopefully the recipient will like it and that will be what is most important. 

Okay now I must go to bed.  It is almost midnight and my husband has already been in bed for an hour and a half.  HAHA  Poor guy.  The sad thing is, I didn't even get what I needed to get done tonight.  I figured the rest I would do in the morning.  I needed to print out a picture and the first one came out grainy.  No big deal.  i just printed out the bigger size format only to find out we are out of blue and magenta ink so it was all discolored.  No problem.  Cody went to Walmart to buy me ink and some mailing envelopes and they only had magenta, no blue.  CRAP.  Maybe it will print okay without the blue after we get the pink such luck.  FINE, I will use my other printer but then realized that it was unplugged and out of it's normal spot in the room due too some remodeling going on in my house.  It also has plastic over it and is in a weird spot to get to in the rooml...double crap.  I'm going to bed and gonna print it tomorrow.  It HAS to get done then because it needs to be mailed tomorrow for a photo contest cut off date of FRIDAY!  YIKES.....


Kim and Ender said...

I've been using the purse you made me all week and I got two compliments on it. My friend even looked at it inside and out cuz she wants to make one.

Katie said...

Sweet Kim! I am glad. You should tell her I can find the pattern for her. It was one of the free on line ones. Let me know. Hey did Dad tell you about the girl at your work who is moving to Waco?

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