Thursday, September 16, 2010

4 Year Old Blues

My 4 year old is driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! I REALLY wish he had started pre-k. You have to pay for it around here unless you are SUPER poor which we are not rich, nor really poor. We get stuck in the middle. We could afford it IF we made cut backs in other places but there are always something going on with us. For instance, we are leaving in 2 weeks for Utah and will be gone for 2 whole months. That's bad for a kid in school.

Any ways. He is CONSTANTLY talking. I think he thinks he will die if he doesn't hear his own voice for more like 2 minutes at a time. He also ask me question after question after QUESTION and most often it is the SAME question 50 different times. It seriously makes me want to rip my hair out!!! I think my blood pressure is probably through the roof today! We live in a small town so it takes us a good 40 minutes to an hour to go do anything other then Walmart. We went to the zoo on Tuesday with our good friends and it takes us a little under an hour to get there. USUALLY he watches his DVD player and I get occasional question or remark about a billboard or something. This time he talked to me the WHOLE time. Half the time I couldn't even hear him. The car is kind of like my own "alone" time sometimes. I listen to my music in the front and they watch the DVD's in the back. It helps me gain back my normal mental state before reaching a shopping destination where I know the kids are gonna drive me nuts and cause me to breath deeply into a brown paper bag. So him talking to me the whole time was driving me up the wall. I realize that sounds mean....but he talks to me ALLLLLLLLLL day long and the car is usually the time I actually get some quiet. Don't forget my Husband travels and I don't have a baby sitter so I am alone with my kids for WEEKS at a time with NO break so sometimes that hour car ride is all I get.

He also has been having a really hard to listening...I know its the age but it's also driving me bonkers! THEN he has been really mean to his sister. Pushing her, yelling at her, taking things away from her. CRAZY PEOPLE....I am going crazy! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to our Utah trip and the fact that we will be staying with my parents and I will get a LEAST a day or two of baby sitting. Last time I was there for a month my dad watched the kids 2 or 3 times so I could go shopping with my mom and my sisters. It means the WORLD to me. Cody and I actually got to go out on a date too! Not just a date but an OVER NIGHT DATE! That is only the second time in history since the kids were born.

Today we are driving up to San Antonio for a Air Force graduation for a relative. Wish us luck. It is a 3 to 4 hour drive and the kids have already almost pushed me over the edge today. I am praying they are great in the car and don't drive us nuts. Pray there are no casualties along the way and BOTH of my kids make it back. HAHA I am being dramatic of course. I LOVE my kids to death and I would just die if anything happened to either of them. It's kind of like that saying, "How can I miss you if you won't go away?" Sometimes I need that break and I am hoping Utah will be that for me. Until Sunday, I will be gone so I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to get up to date on some things next week. My daughter is having surgery on Tuesday so I have no idea what the week is gonna be like for us but I hope everything goes okay!!

I am so glad they are so darn cute!!!!  :)


allison @ said...

you are not alone. been there, felt the exact same way. Instead of the car, I lock myself in the bathroom for blocks of time or sneak away for a bath if they are enthralled in a TV show. Those few precious moments make all the difference don't they?! I sometimes am comforted by the thought that some day they won't want to talk to us or they will live far away and won't be able to talk to us as much as we wish they could, and that sometimes helps with the insanity. (sometimes)
Hoping your drive is a quiet one! and yes, they are darling! Sending you a hug from one mom to another! ;)

Kristy Lou said...

When are you guys getting here? I know it's October, but when in October. Just wondering. Jon will already be just trying to figure out some things while I am without my own car. Sometimes Noah will talk non-stop, and I will take a deep breath and he will hear me, and say "sorry mom, I know I talk a lot." Then I feel bad, but then he just starts talking again.... and the guilt goes away. LOL The trip here will be awesome, and Noah and I are looking forward to seeing you guys!!! No killing my niece or nephew before then please. ;)

Richelle said...

I can relate. I have a four year old that has to talk to me all the time, too. If I am in the room with him while he is watching a movie, he has to tell me about it. I was grateful we took a trip to Utah the last couple weeks! :) Having family around lessons the burden. I'm also really glad my 4 year old is going to preschool, even if it is only 2 days a week. I had a nice quiet morning playing with my baby today!

*Lauren* said...

At least you have time to make and sew things! And do photography! And update 3 blogs! You manage to do a lot! go you!

Katie said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Good to know its not just me. Kris that is hilarious cause I breath deep too and ty will say sorry mom I will try harder next time! Haha. And lauren I make it to sew and stuff. Because if I don't I would go crazy! Heehee

Anonymous said...

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