Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Okay so I know I promised a blog about the Oprah show on sex the other day BUT I decided to write a different one first. Yesterday I was wearing a bra and a sports bra and my boobs looked huge!!! I wrote a blog on my myspace page about 9 or 10 months ago about how I was so depressed about buying my first D bra. I wrote about how I started out with B cups and wished they were C's. I think most teenagers with smaller sized breast wish they were bigger. I would wear a push up bra pretty much every day. If it wasn't a push up bra, it was a padded bra. One time I even bought a water bra to help me fit into a brides maid dress for a friends wedding. We all joked that I coudl keep us alive if we got stranded in the desert.

Once I got married, I gained some weight. My boobs grew and I was finally a C cup. Didn't matter a whole lot at this point since I was married any ways but Cody sure enjoyed the extra bit! Then I had Tyler, gained about 20 pounds and was a FULL C ( and probably could have gone into a D but never tried! ) Then I got pregnant with Kayla and I swear my boobs grew over night. They were no longer fitting into my C bra but were in fact spilling out of it if I moved AT ALL. I got to Utah and bought my first D bra. I was way depressed about it and in fact, so was Cody because he was missing it! haha He was in Iraq and only got to see quick glimspes of them as I would flash him occasionally over the web cam when Tyler wasn't looking! In fact one time Tyler turned around as I was pulling my shirt back down over my stomach and he came over and lifted my shirt up and blew on my tummy. Good times.

I figured once Kayla was born I would have to buy a DD bra and the thought of this practically brought tears to my eyes. I went to buy a nursing bra before I gave birth and I had to buy a 40E!!! In my defense though, they didn't have DD's. It went from D to E to F. I had Kayla and my breast milk came in and Cody and I couldn't believe how HUGE they got. Kayla did NOT cooperate in the breast milk department. After 2 weeks of trying really hard to get her to latch on ( or even drink it from a bottle for that matter ) I gave up. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my breast milk was basically full of iorn pills, stool softner anmd viccodin. I felt really guilty at first since Tyler got breast feed and she didn't, but I have since let the guilt go and have felt fine about the decision. She seems healthy and thats the most important right?! I figured my boobs would go back down to D's and I was only partly right. They are D's alright but I am pretty sure I would fill out a DD bra fairly easy. I haven't dared go bra shopping altough I need to. I own two right now that I can manage to get on. At night when I take my bra off my boobs are usually killing me. I know most women deal with these things. It's so annoying. Men get off so easy. Women have to go through menopause, pregnancy, delivery, mootherhood, periods and losing their virginity. Yeah I know men lose their virginity but it isn't the same physically. Which leads me to the blog I was saying I would write but I don't have time now. I will just close this blog with this. I will never get over how our bodies change over time. My body looks so different after having Kayla. My boobs weren't even the biggest change but for some reason that's the area my brain likes to focus on. I think because I can see them when looking any where. Okay I take that back...When looking up, i DO NOT see them! haha Another reason for having breast on my mind...probably because Cody likes to remind me how big they are every time he sees them. :) I catch him staring at them all the time. It actually makes me feel better about them if that makes any sense. It makes me feel sexy, even if sometimes having big boobs makes me feel fat. Isn't that weird....naked, it makes me feel fat. Clothed I feel sexy... go figured.


One Precious Life said...

Boobs suck.I cant even sleep on my stomach because they get in the way.Then I look over and my husband is sleeping on his stomach.I just wanna sock him..haha

Stacor said...

I really have no idea what it's like to have boobs other than the 2 weeks mine were engorged after having Max...but they weren't fun-all hard as rocks and leaking! I'm constantly begging Jesse for implants. I want a C (because I'm an A) because I love big boobs!

But yes, our bodies change so drastically as we age, especially after kids. Keep writing on this blog. I read both of yours and love them!

Kristy said...

LOL I feel ya sista'... in more ways then one...hahahahahahahha.

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