Friday, September 24, 2010


This weeks photo Theme on Trendy Treehouse was CAKES.  I was really into decorating for a while but never did much with it.  It was making me fat!  haha  i wanted to post pictures of the cakes I made Cody, which is funny because he doesn't really like cake or frosting.  I was worried someone would get upset and think they were not family appropriate so I decided not to link up to it but I still wanted to share them here with y'all especially since I have not been posting much lately.  So check these out and have a laugh.

He had been in Kuwait for three months and had just come home!  Another time he was gone I made him a cake that said, "Welcome home...Now get NAKED!"  I can't find the picture or I would post it.  Enjoy 

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Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

lol! yes you made me laugh a lot!

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