Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ugliest Skirt EVER

So I wanted to make a skirt to do house work in. I NEVER thought I would like cleaning house in a skirt until I tried it and it was amazing! It feels so free...I have never looked back, except when it is cold because then I get goosebumps and my already hairy legs get even hairier. Any ways. I found a tutorial that I wanted to do. Basically you just take a sheet ( because then it is already hymned at the bottom ) and you make sew it together, fold it over and put in some elastic. Yup. that's I wanted it to be know, since I would be bending down and squatting and what not, so I decided to double my waste size.....Yup, doubled. It sounded like a good idea at the time. I had a flat sheet that is the ugliest sheet you have ever seen. Someone gave it to us when we got married. If it was you, THANK YOU! Don't be offended because I DID repurpose them instead of throwing them in the trash or let's say, burning them.

Any ways...back to the skirt. It is the UGLIEST skirt ever and I FREAKING LOVE IT! It adds at LEAST 30 lbs to me because it is SO HUGE and has SO MUCH volume its comical! So here is me in a normal skirt

Tyler had me holding his golf club for some reason...

And here is me in THE skirt

I swear I am NOT pushing my stomach out. I think it even makes my face look bigger haha Here is the funny thing about this skirt. I told you I do house work in it which often times involves bending over. which means THIS

I mean seriously...who wants to see that or better yet "get with" that? I won't even go outside in this skirt to throw trash away, that's how bad it is but my wonderful husband...he sees me bending down in this skirt and he still gets all hot and bothered. I guess that's when you know it's true love. Well, that or the fact that he is a guy and can get turned on from almost anything....but I am PRETTY sure it is the true love thing!!!

Do you watch Friends? Do you know the episode where Monica is sick and she is trying to convince Chandler she is still sexy? "What, you don't want to get with this?" she says in a nasally voice while awkwardly fondling herself. Cody and I do that all the time. That is how I feel in this skirt. The fact that my husband still wants to have sex with me after seeing me bend over in it is freaking hysterical, even to me....the one bending over in it.

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