Monday, January 18, 2010

Transfering Images to Wood

So I found this a blog and tutorial about transferring images onto wood. I thought it seemed too good to be true so I REALLY wanted to try it. A friend's birthday was last week and I just took family pictures for her so I thought I would make her something with her kids on it. I had a little "wooden" ( I put it in quotes because I think it was actually particle board ) thing I got at the Dollar Tree that I was going to paint for something for Cody for Valentines day ( which I will also post when I am done with it ). I got all the stuff together and tried it out and it WORKED! I was so excited. Here is the finished product

I antiqued the picture before hand because I had a feeling it would present that way once the images was transfered and I am glad I did. Then I took tissue paper with roses and different color flowers on it and mod podged them to the sides. I love how it came out. Then I cut off the ribbon they used and put in pink kind to help bring the colors together. Isn't it cute?! Now I just need to go back to the Dollar Tree and get more of these to make as gifts. Here is the link to the wonderful tutorial

I also made my friend a wallet. I hadn't made one before because they seemed kind of complicated. THIS tutorial I found was AWESOME. The only thing I didn't like was that is used CM instead of inches so I kept confusing myself. It was such a good tutorial though it would be almost impossible to mess up. I am going to make myself one this week sometime with a fat quarter I got with Owls on it. I am so excited. Here is the one I did for Jennifer


Kristy Lou said...

I love that wood thingy. That is so neat. The wallet is way cute too! You are going crafty crazy!!

Holly said...

I saw your link on new friend friday!!

I really LOVE the pic on wood. You did a fantastic job!!! What a great gift :)

Hope you stop by!

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