Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apron Kick

I wanted to make an apron. It all started with an owl dishtowel from target. I am sure you have all seen it if you shop there. It is SO cute and I ended up with 6 of them. I bought four and my lovely niece Madison picked out the other two for me. I decided I REALLY did need to make something with at least one of them. That sent me on a search for a cute apron. I am not a girly girl but I saw the old fashioned ones that are a heart on the top and I HAD to make one. Weird right? Any ways. I freaking love how it turned out. If I ever make one again I will make the top a lot smaller because it makes my boobs look even bigger then they already are and really, I don't need that. Maybe 8 years ago but now after the kids, I'm good. haha

I have had the owl fabric for like 3 months now dying to use it. Everything I kept thinking of to use it for was summer stuff and it's got WINTER owls on it for goodness sakes so I just hadn't used it yet. I love it paired with the owl dishtowel I used as the heart and the pocket. Isn't it cute? I have an oven mitt and a pot holder to match, not that anyone will ever see that. The funny thing is now I am on am apron kick. I already have another one in the works that I can't WAIT to make. Maybe one of these days I will actually get around to it. I have too many projects going on right now. I need to focus. One is something for my husband for Valentine's day. I can't wait to get it done so I can post it in case any one wants to copy it because I think it is going to be hysterical. Hopefully it turns out that way and doesn't come out lame. I needed embroidery floss though and I don't have any and haven't gone any where the last two weeks that carry it. Tomorrow I am taking the kids shopping and we are going to get some. WOO HOO

Aside from that I have also done some hair clips recently.

I absolutely LOVE the way the zebra one with the red flower came out! LOVE IT! Hopefully my friend likes them too.

I also did this owl dress for Kayla. I got this owl onesie at a Kid to Kid place in Waco for 50 cents. It still fits Kayla width wise but is too short for her. So I took some more of that lovely pink material I have been using a lot lately ( for any one who is wondering just how much of that pink crap I bought, it was a sheet set so I have A LOT of it ) and made a skirt, gathered it and then sewed it on. I think it came out adorable and can't wait to see it on her. Her birthday is in two more days and I could just cry. That first year just went by WAY too fast!!!


One Precious Life said...

All this cute stuff you make is driving me crazy. Im gonna have to learn to sew now. I have had a pretty nice sewing machine for years but never learned how to sew. Now Im inspired.haha

Kitty Talk said...

YEAH! I am so happy. haha It's such a good outlet you know. I bet you will get addicted too. If you need any good craft blogs or anything to look at let me know.

Kim and Ender said...

Well one of these days you'll get an apron from me. The biggest problem is mom is always sewing something and I have to use her sewing machine so it's a pain.

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