Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Tie Shirts

One of the best parts about growing up with a close group of friends is that when you all get married you just multiply your friends! My friend Jared has an awesome wife and she saw the tie shirt I made Tyler on my blog and wrote and told me she had to have one for her son. That was like 3 months ago and I finally bought some shirts and made them two! I think they are so cute.

I used the same flower fabric I have been using for several projects now ( and I still have more! haha ) Then I used left over from a fat quarter I bought to make a flower with for the second one. I LOVE that one. They called me on Monday to let me know they got them in the mail and love them. I am glad. It makes me so happy to make other people happy!!!!!

I have crafted other things this week but the pictures aren't on my lap top yet so hopefully later today I will get them up here.


kailiaelf said...

Yes I like the cute tie shirts too! Maybe you could make a couple for me? :-)

Amanda said...

Katie you are sooo amazing!!! Connor looks absolutely adorable in them and they fit perfect. Thank you so much again.

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