Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Need To Get Something Off My Chest!!!

First of all, What is with all the ruffles and fake material flowers people in the craft world are adding to ADULT shirts? Seriously?! I think they are way cute on children's clothes and I will admit, sometimes one or two is cute on adult items. SOMETIMES. However, I feel everyone is going a little adult applique crazy!

Wow I feel better already. Another thing though...Why do people have to be rude? I was reading a craft blog I just found and she had this really cute project I clicked on because I totally want to do it with Tyler for Valentine's day. I saw she had two comments. One was someone telling her how cute it was and the other was this Bitchy chick who wrote something about how this project looked EXACTLY like the one she did a YEAR ago on her blog and she was featured on BLAH, BLAH, BLAH and left her a link to go check it out. Seriously people, it's a craft that probably a MILLION people thought they invited themselves. I do that ALL the time. I think, "I am going to make..." fill in the blank, thinking I am a genius, and then I will totally see it on someones blog and then notice it is all over the place. Lighten up people! The whole craft blog thing is awesome for everyone to share ideas and sell things so they can still be a stay at home mom, but don't be all bitchy and annoying if someone made something and didn't realize someone had already thought of it. LAME! Okay, I thought I was done but one more thing. I have another annoyance and then I am done for the day but I HATE when I go onto to look at something and I see 20 people showing a 30dollar PDF download for something you can find 100's of free tutorials for on line. I mean, I guess if the person is dumb enough to pay the money or wants better intrusions okay, but I think people are just taking advantage of the whole blogger/craft/etsy world. Do your homework people. You probably can find your item FREE as a tutorial on line somewhere.

PS Did I tell you I am PMSing and due to "start" any day now....haha

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~Crystal~ said...

You are too cute Katie! You totally just cracked me up. Love it!

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