Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She Ain't ALL Bad ( Going Green )

Okay, Okay so I have been giving Oprah a hard time lately. Her shows aren't all bad though. Yesterday she had one that was pretty interesting. It was a woman who had cut herself cooking and didn't know she had a flesh eaten bacteria on her hand that got in the cut and ultimately in 60 hours almost took her life. It was so bad that while she was open on the operating table, the surgeons culd actually watch it spreading from her arm to her right breast. They had to cut her right arm off along with her right breast and a bunch of muscle and skin tissue. The skin across her body where the scar is so thin in parts that often the bone breaks through the skin and bleeds! YUCK! It was so awful looking. You had to feel sorry for this woman. Something that Dr. Ooz ( whom I happen to just adore ) touch on for a minute was very important stuff that I feel like he should have gone further into but didn't.

Our bodies have bacteria but guess what folks? THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO! There is good bacteria and bad bacteria. One of the things that is so severely wrong with some of the products that we use every day is that it is all anti-bacterial. You see the word anti-bacterial and think, "Oh good it kills bacteria!" You would be right! It DOES kill bacteria, even the GOOD kind. The problem with this is that if it is killing 99.9% of bacteria ( which means the good and the bad ) you aren't left with any good kind and you can catch the bad bacteria even easier. Do you understand what that means? Half of our cleaning products now a days say anti-bacterial on them. Soap, cleaning wipes, and most people carry around anti-bacterial gel in their purses to clean their hands after eaten or getting dirty. This is not a bad thing if done every once in a while but most people who use it use it on a daily basis. Most use it multiple times a day. That means you are killing ALL the bacteria many times a day. This is bad. I used to use cleaning wipes for my kitchen that were anti-bacterial until I learned this. They said that they killed the flu virus and 99.9% of all bacteria which I thought sounded like a good thing. That is how they get you to buy it. DON'T do this people. Wash your hands with soap that does NOT have the anti-bacterial ( if you can even find some because it is almost impossible! ) soap. Use cleaning products that do not have this in them. Clorox makes cleaning wipes now for kitchens and bathrooms and what not that are biodegradable and are not antibacterial. They are the green kind. I have heard some stories recently ( thanks to Cody ) that the Clorox brand of green products aren't as green as they say they are because of some of the chemicals they put in their products. Even with this bit of information thrown at me I told Cody, "The wipes I use are still biodegradable which helps!" Living green is hard if you don't have lots of money but there are so many products out there to help us now that it is becoming less and less expensive for us to do.

We were at SAMS Club on Saturday and they had green bags 2 for $2.50. I decided to buy two and once I got them home and opened them up, I wish I had bought one or two more bundles of them because they were HUGE and seemed very sturdy. This is one of the things I am doing to try and change the world. Unfortunately there are so many more things that need to be done but I am trying. Also I started recycling card board and plastic which is a great help.

Something else I learned from Oprah that was a BIG shock to me? I watched her Earth Day show ( which wasn't nearly as good as last years but still interesting ) and I learned that they have recently found a certain type of Whale that has started to develop breast cancer!!!! SHUT THE HELL UP! SERIOUSLY! This is why going green is so inportant! All the CRAP we use in our products like PBA in bottles and the things we use in lotions and shampoos and what not that gets washed into our oceans are effecting our animals! This is no joke people. All those out there who say going green won't effect the Earth now are crazy! Whales getting breast cancer is concern enough for me to be taking things more seriously. I am on a mission to try and get parabens out of my products since this is something that they feel is linked to breast cancer. I encourage everyone who reads this to think about what we put on our bodies and into our water supplies. That is all for now...

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