Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Explain please

I will NEVER, ever understand why people smoke while pregnant! Maybe I need a smoker to explain it to me but it just doesn't make sense. We have a neighbor who has a 8 month to 1 year old. Not sure exactly how old she is. We don't talk to them and they haven't lived there long. The mom is fairly skinny and I notice she has a pretty visible baby bump. First of all, I could never have babies THAT close together. Secondly, the next day I noticed she was smoking on the front porch! What is wrong with people?! One time there was a Walmart employee outside of Walmart, with her uniform still on and everything and was VERY pregnant, standing outside smoking. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I am not even sure what else to write about this but I had to get it off of my chest. I just don't understand. And I certainly wouldn't be smoking in a public place if I were pregnant because I would have been SOOOO embarrassed that I was such a selfish person who couldn't control my habit enough to not do it for 9 months.

Babies are such precious gifts. Why even CHANCE it? Is it that worth it and why do it if it can kill you as well? I don't understand it. I know plenty of people who smoke and I think it's disgusting. One time I had to kiss someone in a play I was in and he was a smoker. It was awful! He tasted of it ever time and I dreaded doing the scene with him because I felt like I was putting my mouth in an ash try. But who cares if a grown up decides to smoke? What pisses me off is that a grown up is deciding for the infant. The poor infant doesn't even have a choice. The infant gets to be born addicted to nicotine! Bastards!

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Stacor said...

That really chaps my ass. I just want to slap women who smoke while pregnant! I HATE seeing women smoking in a car with kids or a baby in the back! Completely selfish to say, "sorry kids, you're going to second-hand it because mom really needs one!" Selfish bitches!

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