Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Loss

Last Saturday our family suffered a loss.  It has been tough.  We had a GREAT day!  We drove out to where I used to live and met up with friends we hadn't seen in forever.  The kids played together on the playground while the grown ups talked and laughed.  We were there for hours.  It was wonderful.  We also ate at 2 of our favorite places.  You can't beat great food.  As we were driving home from our most excellent Saturday, as we got closer to home we noticed there had been a storm.  There was flooding on the streets and you could tell that had been some strong wind.  It was drizzling on us a bit.  We got home and noticed the power had gone out.  A couple of hours later the power went out again.

The next day we woke up and I looked out in the back yard and saw something horrible!

Do you see it?  

We were missing something.

I looked to the left......nothing.

I looked all the way to the right.......nothing.


Cody got up a little while later and I said, "Go look outside"

He looked.  "Where is it?"

I said, "No clue"

Cody went outside and looked around.  He looked left....nothing.

He looked right.....nothing.

He looked UP!  BINGO

FOUND IT!  My kids are devastated.  They loved their trampoline.  Do you noticed how not only is it on the roof but that the frame was completely destroyed?!  YUP!  No fixing this puppy.  What was worse is that after Tyler cried for a minute he said, "Now I'll have to wait until I go to grandma and grandpa's  to jump on the trampoline."   My parents JUST moved and no longer have a back yard.  DOH!  We explained that to him and he cried for a second again.  Bummer.

So after some tears ( from both Tyler and Daddy )  Okay Daddy didn't really cry but he wanted to because he had the task of climbing on the roof and trying to get the dumb thing down.  Everything on it was ruined.  We loved you trampoline.  May you now rest in pieces...literately.


Lesley said...

Oh no! That's terrible! My kids would be devastated also. :(

kailiaelf said...

Now you have an excuse to come see us and use OUR trampoline! Ethan will love it! Sorry about the loss though, those are not easy to replace! $$$

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