Monday, February 22, 2010


I am so excited to be posting again! I made a few things last week but they were presents. I didn't want to post pictures until my friend got her stuff. She is having her second baby and I was planning on making her a tie onesie and then she ended up asking me to make her one before I did it! haha I guess it was meant to be. :) I also made her a guitar onesie. While I was making it Tyler saw it and asked if it was his! haha I told him it was for a baby so he asked me if I could make him one. Here is Tyler's shirt.....well kind of. I was actually taking a picture of the bow tie which he got at the thrift store that day.

And here are the baby things I made Cari

the changing pad/diaper and wipe holder

the onesies

I love how the changing pad came out. It is made out of terry cloth and some snuggle flannel. I found a tutorial on how to make it that I will post a link to tomorrow. I wish I had my sewing machine when Kayla was born because I would have LOVED one of those. It would come in so handy!


kailiaelf said...

Thanks! They are awesome and the pictures don't do them justice!

passport in my pocket said...

those onesies are awesome! You're very creative.

Kimberlee said...

Love those! I have a least one fresh baby boy coming up to make these for. Friend is having a pair of twins, one of each flavor! Fun, Fun, Fun! newest follower.

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