Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day suggestions

If my last Valentines day suggestion of the "sex pillow" wasn't for you, let me suggested a few more for you. There are all for adults just so you know. Our first Valentines day together we were newly married and BROKE! We had NO money and I didn't even have my license so I was at a lose of what to do for Cody. I knew I could try and make him something but even that was a challenge. I was looking at all of my craft stuff, which at the time wasn't much and then I saw a Victoria Secrets catalog and started flipping through it. Then inspiration struck.....sorta. I started picking up the really sexy outfits in the magazine and gluing them onto paper. Then I took pictures of me and cut my face out and pasted them over the models. It was hilarious. The other day I was flipping through some of our stuff and I found them! I thought I was gonna die laughing. SO I thought I would share so you could get a laugh too. So here are a couple of the ones I did for him

I thought I scanned more then just two, but I guess not! haha Any ways. Cody thought this was pretty funny and I love looking back on them now. They make me laugh. I love making memories when you try and create stuff. Now this was a silly suggestion that will get your husband laughing. If you want to get him excited you can do something else I did for my husband. I bought a calendar from the dollar store. I bought one of those little ones that practically fits in your hand but still looks exactly like a regular calendar. I took sexy pictures of myself and printed them at home, cut them up and I became the center fold on every month! Be as sexy or unsexy as you want. I did some sexy pictures and some pictures that I just thought were good pictures of me. He loved it! I mean what guy wouldn't like that right.

Another idea if you have a traveling man like myself is to buy a pillow case and some t-shirt transfer. I again, printed out a bunch of pictures but this time I did ones of the whole family. Some of my son by himself, some of our daughter by herself and then some mix and match ones of everyone together. I put them all over one side of the pillow case. THEN on the OTHER side I did one huge sexy picture of me and then a bunch of other ones around the center one. That way my man can have the family side up in the hotel and then at night he can flip it over and drool all over my sexy pictures and hopefully have nice dreams. I have done other things in the past but I am drawing a blank for now. Hope this helps someone or at least makes you laugh at the pictures of me as a Victoria Secrets model. : )

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