Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why Me?

Since getting into the crafting and sewing blog scene about 9 months or so ago I have noticed people melting down regular crayons in different molds to make there own. I noticed this a month or so before Halloween and while at the dollar store I found a pumpkin mold and a skull mold and thought "Oh yeah baby! i am so making skull crayons." I bought both of them and then put them away and never did it. I FINALLY decided to get out some crayons and do it while the kids were sleeping.

i was so excited to see how they came out. I checked two or three times to make sure everything was going well. There was four minutes left and there were a couple of pieces not quite done so I let it go the full fifteen minutes I had the timer set for. The timer went off, I opened the oven and THIS is what I saw

AND some of the crayon spilled in my oven. Seriously?! Am I the only one in the craft world who can't make her own freaking crayons?! BOOO But once they cooled I popped them out and they looked really cool. Two or three of them were a little warm still so the teeth didn't pop out but I was pleased with the results. I wish it hadn't of spilled in my oven and melted the little mold but oh well.

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