Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Day Dirty

Okay so EVERYONE in the crafting blog world is making all these cutesy valentines stuff. Lots of hearts and lace and pink sparkly things. I am not really that girly. I have been WAY more since I had my girl but even then, pink is usually a little too much for me still. I wanted to make something for my husband that wasn't cute or girly. I actually wanted to make him something dirty. I bought a hanging plaque from the dollar store and was going to paint him a sign to hang on the door of our room. I figured it could be a "Come in" or "Don't Come In" kind of thing and I went from there. My brain works in strange ways. So then I was thinking, "What would a boy want on Valentines day?" Dumb question right? They want sex. So then I was thinking, boys always complain that they never know when girls WANT to have sex and when we don't. Now I have something.....SO this is what I came up with

After using the plaque for something else, I decided maybe I would try embroidery. I had never done it before so I looked at some videos on line. I ended up making a pillow that let's my man know when he is getting some and when he isn't.



So what do you think? I still need to sew it closed so don't pay too much attention to the side that is still open. haha


kailiaelf said...

Good job on the embroidery. I have done it before and it's time consuming. You did a great job, and I think the flatware is really cute!

Kristy Lou said...

hahahahahhaha, you are a dork, but it's cute.

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