Saturday, November 5, 2011


I am happy to report that after my little break down on Monday I tried really hard to re-evaluate things in my house.  I was in the middle of doing something and I just got this thought into my head out of no where and I knew what was wrong.  I would like to say it came out of no where but I know exactly where it came from.  I have been so busy doing all kinds of things like, packing, cleaning and cooking.  My poor son hasn't gotten enough attention from me and you know what they say, "even bad attention is attention".  As soon as I had this realization on Tuesday I decided to spend time with him right when he got home from school.  This is usually when I start dishes and start working on dinner.  I usually hear, "Mommy can you play with me?"  and what do I say, "No I'm busy right now making dinner."  IS that a valid thing I was doing?  YES!  My family needed dinner but sometimes a frozen meal is worth getting to spend some extra time with your kids.

Wednesday when I picked my boy up from school we went home and I said, "How about I come sit on the couch with you and cuddle" He was SO happy!  We sat on the couch, My boy, my girl and I, eating popcorn, cuddling and watching Kung Fu Panda.  It was so nice and I am telling you I only sat with him for like 20 to 30 minutes but it was EXACTLY what HE NEEDED!  The next day when I picked him up from school we came home and went on a walk.  We live in an area that is surrounded by water.  There are ponds all over and so we like to walk to one and "feed" the ducks.  The ducks have never once eaten our bread but that doesn't stop us from feeding them.  Then we went to Dinner and to Costco.  Tyler was REALLy good the whole night.  The next day mommy got her hair cut.  Can I just tell you my hair hadn't been cut in like 6 months.  It was full of slip ends and it was looking horrible.  I haven't had bangs since the 3rd grade and so I got bangs and got my hair fixed.  It looks so cute and I feel great! Thursday we picked him up from school and we cuddled again and worked on homework.  I am telling you guys it is amazing what just 20 minutes or so of Tyler and Mommy time has changed his attitude.  I don't know if it will continue to work but it has work wonders so far.

This next week is going to be stressful.  We are moving and I have started trying to make Christmas presents.  I decided that if I didn't do something creative this week then it would just make my mood even worse.  It has helped a lot to try and be creative in some way.  So for me this next week is going to be filled with packing boxes, cleaning a lot and TRYING to get some sewing in here and there when I can.  But we are all SO excited to get moved into our new house.  That is keeping me motivated.  I was going to post some pictures of our new house but I need to go jump in the shower.  I'll post pictures of my new hair soon too.  Now if only I could stop eating some much freaking Halloween candy I think I would be feeling really good.  We only had ONE trick or treater so the two bags of candy we bought are just sitting her calling me and my husband's name.  SERIOUSLY.  The kids go to bed and we sit her eating candy watching TV.  It's horrible.  Maybe the candy will get "lost" in the move.  :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  My husband has to work today and so I have two very whinny kids and we are heading to the new house in a little bit so I can clean some more.  The house was built in 2007 and is really nice inside but it has been empty since March so there is an inch of dust on everything.  While the house is empty I wanted to wipe everything down.  Last Saturday we vacuumed EVERYTHING and I started scrubbing the baseboards.  We were there forever it seems like that we didn't even get that done.  Here's hoping I can actually get something done with the two cranky kids bugging me every two seconds.  I'll post pictures later.

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Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...

I totally know what you mean Katie, I felt that way the other day too, you know that little voice (that you and I know who it is!!!) and that's all they need, just time with them. I figured that my children are not going to stay kids forever, and that they need me too, so now when I'm doing something crafty and they call me, I stop doing whatever I'm doing and go to them, the craft will be there when I come back, ,but my children will be a little older if I dont tend to me, so great for you and your family!!!! =0)

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