Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Newest Obsession

My poor husband!  I just get into these kicks and want to do new things.  First it was making hair bows when my daughter was born.  Then sewing.  Then sewing anything and everything but mostly purses.  Then it was creating fabric hair bows and accessories and opening up the etsy shop.  Then I started doing odds and ends things here and there.  Next, garters, shoes clips....blah blah blah.  NOW I have taken on a new challenge.

CROCHET!  I am in love with crochet right now!  I mean REALLY.  My hand is absolutely killing me because I can't keep my yarn right and my hands are all over the place but I love it so far.  I found this free tutorial and pinned it here  I didn't actually learn the pattern because.....well....have you looked at a crochet pattern?  Um HARD!  I have no clue how to read them.  So I found an online youtube video that shows you how to make them and in ten short minutes I had me a bow!  The grey was my first and the orange was my second.  Right now I am working on a flower but as I mentioned before my left hand is on fire and it's time for me to go pick up my boy from school.

Who else crochet's?  I want to know.  Leave me a comment and let me know where you like to get your patterns from.  I found a million free ones on line and have been into the youtube video's since I am a beginner.  Everyone told me just just try it but I wanted someone to show me.  I finally just went on line and looked and WOW!  Now I am hooked....no pun intended!  :)


Mania said...

Good morning!! I found your blog accidently and I liked it very much!! I am new in crochet too and I have the same problems with you!! Have a nice weekend and best regards from Greece!!

seashmore said...

Your blog was the "Next blog" from mine today. I also happen to crochet. I've been doing it off and on for a few years and the other night, I started getting a blister on my thumb! Masking tape proved to be a perfect fix. Right now, I'm only doing scarves as a fundraiser for MS.
Here's a link to the page on my blog about it.

Kim and Ender said...

I totally tried crocheting twice before and never got very far. I pretty much did long skinny strips so I can see how it would be fun to be making things right from the beginning. I remember it being addicting though.

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