Monday, November 7, 2011

The New Place

This week starts moving week.  It is going to be crazy, hectic and exciting.  I told y'all I would post some pictures so I thought I'd do so now while I am in between packing boxes ( oh which I only have like 10 to 15 packed and my house is a MESS!  YIKES!!! )

Here is the front of the house from a couple of angles

Here is the living room

The kitchen ( I love all of the cut out's so you can see to the other room )

Our kitchen from the other way so you could see the dinner room

This is the breakfast nook area.  See that door leading to the room in the back?  THAT is going to be my sewing room/photography studio!  WOO HOO I am SOOOOOO excited about that.  No more sewing on the kitchen table.
 Here is the dinner room up close and you can see the front door of the house.  Off to the side where my son is standing is going to be his room.  the door next to that is a coat closet and you can't see in this picture but my duaghters room is next to the front door off to the left from this picture and my husbands office will be to the right of the front door.
 Here is the back yard.  Our grass in need of some serious water but that's okay, at least we have some!  And notice the gorgeous double rainbow?!  I told my husband it was a sign

This picture was taken a few blocks away ( around the corner from where we live right now ).  I had to stop and get a picture of the rainbow over the water.  Isn't it gorgeous!?!

Now I can't wait to be moved in!  Do you know that I call myself a photographer but have lived in this house here for almost a year and we NEVER put pictures up?  It drove me NUTS.  I can't WAIT to start decorating and hanging pictures.  EEEEEEEEEEEEE

So I will most likely not be on again this week, for obvious reasons.  I have crafted a little and if I have a moment to spare I might try and show you one or two.  Have a great week everyone and I can't wait to blog again from my new house


Amber H. said...

What a beautiful house! You're lucky!

Ryan and Lettice Barnum said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I love your new place!! Hope you and the fam are doing great! Good luck with the move, I can't imagine moving with kids!!

One Precious Life said...

Congrats! Its a beautiful home.

*Lauren* said...

Moving is such a lot of work but it's so exciting when it's into a new home you LOVE :) Happy for you!

Kristy Lou said...

Love it!!

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