Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Garters

I finally made some more garters.  I like how they came out.  I had been looking on etsy and noticed that quite a few people who were selling garters decorated stretchy lace.  I thought that seemed like a really cute and fun idea.  Not to mention EASY!  So here is what I came up with

Isn't it cute.  I think this would be so cute around a brides leg.  I bought a boring one from the store.  I wish I was as crafty now as I was when I got married.  I would have made tons of stuff instead of buying it and it would have been cuter.  I am not planning on getting married every again so oh well.

the last two are matching ones so I was thinking of selling them as a set.  A toss garter and a keep one.  We shall see.  My etsy shop has been SOOOOOOOOOO slow lately.  I haven't sold anything in weeks but I spent a bunch of money buying supplies and haven't managed to make them yet.  I am seriously going through a rut right now.  I am thinking of doing a giveaway next week.  We shall see.  I was thinking about having next week be HAIR week and then giving away one of the hair things from my shop.  Would anyone be interested in that?  the rest of the week I was going to post hair ribbon tutorials and what not.  Either my own, or ones I find on line.  We'll see.  Leave me a comment if that sounds at all interesting to you.  I hate putting lots of effort into something only to have no one respond.

Pinterest has been one of my many down falls.  I LOVE IT!  But it takes up time that I could be using to do something else.  I usually get on pinterest when I only have 5 minutes.  You know like, I am making my kids grill cheese and so I will go through things on pinterest in between flipping the sandwich.  So pathetic I know.  It makes me feel like I am doing SOMETHING other then cleaning, cooking and helping my kids with stuff.  I am hoping to get into a better groove and better time manage soon.  Because it's killing me to be so out of whack.

I potty trained my girl this weekend.  She is doing really well.  Last night I put on her diaper so she could go to bed and then we were reading scriptures and she says, "I have to go potty!"  and ran to the bathroom, took her diaper off and went on the potty!  WOO HOO  I am SO happy she didn't just go in her diaper.  Today we haven't had any accidents and I am crossing my fingers it stays that way.  Happy Thursday everyone!


Amanda said...

I love reading your blog, so sorry I am so bad at commenting. I read it all the time though!! :) I would love to enter a giveaway! Woo hoo! And yay for potty training success!!

Kylee said...

Just wondering how did you sew the elastic lace? I don't have enough time to order one since my wedding is a month away so I figured I would try to make one.

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