Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gathered Flower

Some where on the net I had found a flower tutorial and read it but never book marked it or pinned it.  I remmebered it the other day and decided to give it a try while watching America's Next Top Model!  ( Are my sister's, mom and I the only ones who LOVE that show?! )  Any ways.  I got it done but wasn't sure how to put it together completely so the next day I got on line to find it.  CAN'T FIND IT ANY WHERE! Boooooo  I spent like 3 hours off and on looking for it on the internet and pinterest.  It was driving me CRAZY.  Yesterday I was attempting to clean some of my craft stuff and I found a piece of paper my mom had given me with instructions on how to make several fabric flowers and it was on there!  AHHHHH  I wanted those other 3 hours or so of my life back.  So frustrating.  But before I had realized I had the instructions all along I went ahead and put the flower together how I wanted it to be and put it on another garter.  I LOVE how it came out.

So my question to YOU guys is DOES SOMEONE HAVE THIS BOOK MARKED OR PINNED SOMEWHERE?  You make this flower by take a piece of ribbon or fabric and you basically stitch up and down the length of the ribbon in a zig zag pattern and then you pull the stitch to gather it.  You get this gorgeously gathered petal flower.  Any ways if you have a tutorial for it PLEASE let me know.  I want to see how they say to assemble it AFTER you gather it.  I just kinda did it best I could but am curious what the actual instructions say.

So THREE people have signed up for the giveaway.  And I am giving away THREE things.  haha  SO far I have automatic winners!  If you are reading this now thinking, "What giveaway?"  click here  to check it out and participate!

Tonight we are doing a craft night for the ladies at church and I am teaching them how to make flowers. We'll see how it goes.  I am really excited and hope it will be a success.  "See" Y'all tomorrow.


Amanda said...

That is a gorgeous flower!! Sorry I don't know where the instructions would be! I hope you find them! Otherwise, I think you did awesome with it! And I think craft night was a SUPER success! You are awesome! Thanks for coming!

Anonymous said...

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