Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My mom and dad came to visit along with my sister Kim and her baby Jacob. We had lots of un and ate way to much food.  It was great.  While they were here we went to go visit my Grandma who lives a little over an hour or so away from me in a nursing home.  My grandma wears a wig and she used to always wear a fake flower in it.  SOOOOO  my sister thought it would be fun to make her a bunch of flower clips to bring her.  The night before we went to see her we put the kids to bed and then made some hair clips for her.  We also made some for her roommate because we didn't want her to feel left out!  :)

Check out what Grandma scored.

The white one with the blue in the middle and the pink felt one were for her roommate but the rest were for grandma.  My favorite's were these three 

Kim made the last one.  So we are hoping she is wearing them and that all of the other old ladies are jealous!  haha  Hopefully we can get grandma a man.  Love ya grandma!


seashmore said...

Those are absolutely adorable! What a wonderful idea!!

Kim and Ender said...

The white with blue was totally for grandma. One of the yellow ones was for her room mate but you packaged them so maybe it ended up in Rose's bag. I wish we had brought a camera with us so we could have taken a picture of grandma wearing one.

Leila Fadzleen said...

wow I love all of them! You make awesome crafts!

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