Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crochet CRAZY!

Why do I feel the need to be obsessed with things as I am learning them?  My newest since November has been crocheting and I am telling you I have gone crochet CRAZY!  But I LOVE it and I am loving all of the things I have been making.  My daughter turns 3 on Sunday and so Friday we are having a princess party.  I was going to crochet princess crowns for her friends but I think I have run out of time to do that.  HOwever, I got hers done today and put little pearls in it and it turned out SO cute!  I love it.

She would NOT model it for me ( she is s stinker like that some times ) so I promise it looks much cuter on.  I have also been doing a lot of hats.  I am LOVING the hats!  Check out these ones I just crocheted this weekend and put in my etsy shop.

Okay so this first one I actually made for ME but it was too small for my huge head.  Just barely too.  If my hair was long I could get away with it but it's short and looked funny.

This next one is so cute!  It is a new born one and is so tiny.  I love the HUGE bow on it and I am loving the grey and yellow together.

And lastly a toddle size hat.  I love the yellow and white together.  This hat was pretty easy to make so I think I will be making more in different colors for my shop.  I might try and make one of these ones for me.

So please tell me I am not the only one who becomes obsessed with things when you first start learning them?  Pretty please.....

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seashmore said...

I go through cycles of obsessions. Overload on learning a talent or a skill until I burn out and move on to something else (or something I burned out on before).

I admit; I'm envious of your ability to pick something up so quickly. I've been "crocheting" for years and am still just sticking to the basics. Mostly single crochet scarves to sell to raise funds for Bike MS. Sometimes I'll venture into a blanket or double crochet, but I've only done two hats. Once I'm satisfied with my "inventory," I think I'll venture into some "projects."

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