Sunday, January 29, 2012

Air Freshener

So we all know the baking soda deodorizes right?  Well, while at a friends house once I noticed she had a mason jar with baking soda in it with holes poked in the shape of a heart on the top.  Hmmmmmm.  I wondered what it was but never asked.  then I started noticing them on pinterest.  I finally decided to try it. So here is what you do.

Take a mason jar.

Add baking soda.

Add essential oil.  I used cinnamon but you could use anything.

I added a LOT!  Like 15 drops or so.

Put the lid on.  Take a hammer and a nail and poke holes in it.  You can make a shape or just poke away  randomly.  I copied my friend and did a heart.  In case you are wondering, I am talking about you Amanda!  haha

Then I placed it in my kids bathroom.


Every time I go into their bathroom,  I just shake the jar around a bit and the whole bathroom smells of cinnamon.  AWESOME.

Cheap, easy and no chemicals.  That's my kind of fresh air.

Try'll love it.


seashmore said...

What a neat idea!
You could even personalize it by decorating the jar with etching, glass paint or fabric glued to the outside.

Amanda said...

How funny you noticed! The bad thing was mine probably wasn't working so well since it had been quite awhile and I needed to change it and add more essential oil! LoL I had peppermint in mine. That is always one of my favorite smells! :) Glad it works for you too!

Amanda said...

OH and it reminds me that I heard it's also a good carpet deodorizer so if you have a stain or something (once you clean it up) you can shake it out of the top where you poked the holes and then vacuum it up!

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas said...

Love this idea. I'm gonna have to try it. I have peppermint oil right now so that's what I'll use. Thanks for the idea.

anieb said...

I'ts good technique i will apply your idea.
Air Freshener

anieb said...

I'ts good technique i will apply your idea.
Air Freshener

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