Friday, December 9, 2011

Some Free Patterns

So I have been on the internet looking for different kinds of free crochet patterns.  I am LOVING Youtube these days.  I have never really used youtube before but when I started looking up crochet stuff I found someone who makes all kinds of crochet video's and I love all of her stuff.  I have started a board on pinterest for all of the patterns I have been finding.  I made a hat for me using a video but then I REALLY wanted to try and make a hat using a pattern.  I haven't really been able to figure out the patterns yet.  My mom helped me while I was in Utah for Thanksgiving and so I decided to go for it and try.  I actually made a hat and it ACTUALLY turned out cute!  It was supposed to be for me so it is a little long for Kayla but it was too tight and looked ridiculous on me.  Mostly because I messed up my count and when I got done I realized that instead of there being 58 stitches I only had 40 something!  haha  Yeah, that could be it.  :)  Any ways here it is

Any ways.  In case there are people out there wanting to make one too here is the free tutorial I found and used HERE

ENJOY!  I'll be posting more as I find them and make stuff.  I can't believe I got to post TWICE in the same day!  WOO HOO  Let's hope I can keep it up and get some more stuff up on here over the next week or so.

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