Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorite Quick Cookies

I can not remember if I have posted this recipe here on my blog or not so I thought I would write a quick post today.  I know a lot of people are baking like crazy around the holidays.  If you are in need of a quick and easy but SUPER YUMMY cookie recipe give this one a try.

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 cup brown sugar
1 stick of butter
1 egg

Blend together until smooth

Add 2 cups Bisquick ( you know, the pancake mix! )

Then add whatever goodies you want.  I always add white chocolate chips or regular ones.  My mom also adds walnuts but I don't like those so I skip them.  These cookies are SUPER easy and SUPER yummy.  The Bisquick gives it a great flavor and you only have to remember 4 ingredients.  What is not to love about that?  I also like to add flax seed because I like to add that into anything I think I can sneak it into.  So give it a try.  Let me know how you like them if you try them.  Oh yeah and bake them at 350 for 10 to 12 minutes ( depending on how small or big you make them )

Oh and just a trick my mom taught us growing up that I LOVE to do is before you take them out of the oven, I cut open a brown paper bag ( I swear grocery stores STILL carry them, you usually just have to ask )   Lay the brown paper bag out flat on the counter and when the cookies are still hot transfer them onto the brown paper bag and it drawls out any of the extra oil and grease.  

ENJOY and I will try and get some actual crafts up here soon.

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