Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birthday Boy

My son turned 6 this week!  He is SO big!  He REALLY wanted to have a Super Hero party, so while I was in Utah last week I started looking on pinterest and all over the web for ideas.  I found some good stuff on line.  I am telling you though that people spend an obscene amount on money on kids birthdays.  When I was little we were allowed to have a party every other birthday and we were allowed to invite close friends.  We had cake that my mom made and some simple games.  When we were older my parents would take us toilet papering.  haha  Anyone else do that?  I have been so many times I can't even count them.  My husband NEVER went.  I told him I would take him someday!  haha

Any ways.  We made some invitations and I wanted them to be really cute.  So I took a bunch of pictures of my son in a cape and made him look like he was flying.

I then added the border and the POW WHAM on

I think it turned out cute!  We ended up having about 19 or 20 kids here and that is not included my kids.  It was LOUD and the kids seemed to have lots of fun running all over the place, hitting each other with balloons and pretending to be super heros.  Most kids wore costumes or capes and I also had some masks for those who didn't have anything.  We had hot dogs, mac and cheese, sandwiches and snack food for everyone to eat.  We also had cup cakes for the kids and cake for the adults.  We also had some super hero pages for them to color, a pin the emblem on the super hero ( which was a picture of Tyler blown up huge )  and then we also did face painting.  The face painting was a hit with everyone too.  Unfortunately it ended up smeared on the carpet and on the couch! We washed it out though so no big deal.  Tyler got a TON of presents.  He also got a lot of money.  He was lucky.  We handed out little Batman gift bags to everyone too.  It was fun and Kayla can't WAIT to have a princess party in January. Here are a few pictures.

I like Kayla peeking through behind Tyler in the last picture!  haha  It was a good time and after I was completely exhausted.  The funny thing is when I went to bed I couldn't sleep.  Maybe it was all the cake and frosting I ate.  I LOVE frosting!  ;)


Amanda said...

That sounds like so much fun!! You are so good. I have yet to do a birthday party for either of my kids! :/

seashmore said...

That looks like such an awesome party! You can tell you didn't spend an obscene amount of money, but you can also tell how much FUN everyone had!!

*Lauren* said...

Glad he had a good turn-out! Love your couch :) Wish we could have celebrated with your guys.

Kim and Ender said...

That invite was so cute! Good thing you guys were in your new house. I'd love to see all those kids fit in the old one.

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