Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dora Skirt

Kayla has been REALLY into Dora lately.  She loves her.  She has three Dora dolls and she loves them.  I decided to make her a Dora skirt for Christmas and I think it turned out SO cute!  I put it on her and she wore it around the house.  I tried getting a picture but all of them were blurry.  For now here is a picture of just the skirt.

Maybe I will have her wear it to church Sunday and then I can get some new pictures.  I can't believe how grown up my little girl is getting. She'll be 2 on the 29th and I just can't believe it.  I still need to figure out what to do for her for a cake for her birthday.  I was thinking about trying to do a Dora cake/cookies/cupcakes.  Not sure yet though.  She is really into Toy Story, Team Umizoomi and Pex dispensers.  She also loves Despicable Me.  She goes around the house yelling "OH YEAHHHHH"  all the time and she usually kicks her leg up when she says it.  She cracks me up constantly.


What I Did Today said...

Sooooooo cute! What is it with kids and their funny obsessions? My oldest cannot get enough of the Disney Fairies. She babbles about them constantly. I have purposefully NOT introduced her to Dora because that show gets stuck in my head way too easily!

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

Hey katie! just gave you an award, go check it out please

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