Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have been so bad the last 3 weeks or so on this blog. I didn't stop crafting but I was running out of time to blog about it. That and I have a nasty habit of starting projects but not finishing them. I also have been really bad the last 6 months or so about putting my pictures on the lap top. I get on here to write a blog and realize the pictures are still on the camera.

Any ways. My mother in law has a birthday this week. I wanted to make her a cute purse so I raided my material stash and I found some good matches. I then looked up some purses on line and went to town. I LOVE how it turned out. I had some problems though. I went through three needles before I got the whole thing done. Two regular ones and one heavy duty one finally did the trick. The problem was I was using corduroy and on some parts of the purse I was sewing through 6 to 8 layers and my machine did NOT like that. So I had a couple of mistakes but nothing too serious. The one thing I was saddest about was that I forgot to put any pockets in it. But I love the flower I put on it. I made it on a pin so she could take it off if she wanted or she could move it around to a different spot on the purse. I liked it off to the side but I had an "OPPS" spot right in the front so I put it there.

Then I have been wanting to try out making some silk flowers. I am sure if you are into the craft blogs you have been seeing them all over. They are so pretty and SO easy! YOu just take some silk and cut it into circles. The you burn all the way around the edges making them curl up and sealing them off. Then you layer and put whatever you want in the middle. Mine turned out so cute. I love them. My house is SO dark and I was trying to get a picture without my flash but they were all blurry so here is a couple with the flash washing them out

I can't wait to put one on a hair clip for Kayla! Then I wanted to show you my old skirt

Old and boring. It just started fighting me again after I lost this last little bit of weight. When I put it on though the slit would go to high and I was just wanting a shorter one so cut off the bottom and did this

It only took me a little over an hour and I LOVE how it turned out! The picture doesn't do it justice but it really does look cute in person. I went a head and took pictures along the process so I am going to do a tutorial this week on how I did it.

And lastly a little teaser. Here is something I started, am loving but haven't finished yet. Hopefully this week I will get around to it

Bet you can't guess what I am going to do with these puppies!


Sugar Bananas said...

I'm gonna guess on the skull thingies - does it have anything to do with flip flops?

btw, your skirt is perfect! It looks way cute like that.

Kitty Talk said...

HAHA after I posted this I realized that the flip flop post was RIGHT before it and thought to myself, "everyone's gonna know what those are for" I wore my skirt to Walmart and I freaking love it. I think I might just wear it all week! heehee

Allison said...


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