Monday, October 26, 2009

To Bang or Not To Bang?

I realize how bad this title sounds. Really it should be To Do Bangs or Not to do Bangs but it just doesn't sounds as good. haha I am still debating on cutting some tiny off to the side bangs. You know those, I don't really have bangs but sort of do thing?! Yeah...I'll decide one of these days. For now I am loving my new hair cut. Just thinking about the bangs. While I am talking about hair I thought I would post some pictures of clips I made recently. My friend Crystal has a daughter who loves snails. I saw some snail clips and asked her if she would be interested in me making her some. She said, "Bring it on!" and asked if I would make some other ones too. Awesome. Keep in mind this was like 3 or 4 months ago. SOOOOOOOO I tried making the snail clip and it didn't come out right. Crap. I tried a couple of times and didn't think it looked good so I kept putting it off. Finally one day while browsing on at hair clips, I saw another snail clip done differently then the way I had been trying. Not only was it SUPER easy, but I thought it was cuter anyways. So I got to work and after 3 months of promising clips I stayed up late one night and made some. Here is what I came up with for her.

Here is the snail clip. I made a matching one too I just only took a picture of one.

These ones I actually made right away but didn't want to send until I had more made.

I thought they all turned out cute. Sorry it took so long Crystal but I hope they get used! Then I went a head and made a head band for my cousin who was getting ready to have a girl. I am posting two pictures because the flash going off washed it out but then not having the flash wasn't the best either.

I posted pictures of this dress I made Kayla on my other blog

It is such a bad picture but I couldn't get her to stand still. There are some pleats in it too but again you can not tell in the picture. The true test was I washed it and it stayed together! haha But here is what it looked like BEFORE I made the dress.

I could NOT find the picture before so it never got posted. Now you have seen what it looked like before. Well, I really am NOT turning this into a crafting blog I swear. Just in anything goes blog and anything I think is not appropriate for my family blog will get dumped here. I have another blog I am posting but I have to take some pictures first so who knows how long it will take to do so. Hopefully not too long but Cody will be home again in two days which means no blogging for me late at night like I am doing right now. Oh well, I will make some time. Hopefully...

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