Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Girl

We have been super busy lately!  I have been doing lots of projects and trying to not go TOO crazy with everything going on.  I started to exercise with a group of ladies from church three times a week and it has been keeping me pretty busy.  It takes up almost the whole morning each time we meet but I am feeling much better about myself and feeling good.  The days we do not get together I work out by myself at home.  The other day I ran 4 miles on my elliptical without stopping.  I have NEVER done that before.  I usually do 3 miles and I usually stop a million times.  haha

A couple of weeks ago something happened to me I wanted to share with you.  It is personal and not crafty related.  BUT it is entertaining!  My sweet little baby girl KNOCKED HER FRONT TOOTH OUT!  I was DEVASTATED!  Is it sad that I kept thinking, "Why couldn't it have been my SON?"  haha  Boys are supposed to have teeth missing but not sweet little baby girls.  I cried...a bunch that night but by the end of the next day I just loved her that much more.  Her is a picture of her right before she went to be that night.

She was still smiling and waiting for the tooth fairy to come.  The tooth fairy felt so bad that she knocked her tooth out she gave her extra money!  ;)   My poor daughter had a lisp BEFORE she knocked the tooth out so you could only imagine that got much worse.  Despite it all I just love her to death and I think it has made her even more adorable!  Check out this other picture I got of her last Sunday after church

 Gotta love her!

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