Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello Kitty Crazy

My daughter just turned 4 and she really wanted to have a Hello Kitty party.  I wanted to give her a good Hello Kitty party without spending too much money and getting too much stuff we didn't need.  Especially since she is only 4 and the kids her age don't seem to be big party planners.  :)   I knew I wanted to make them all Hello Kitty ears to wear but I was planning on crocheting them.  I had seen felt ones you could buy on etsy but never crochet ones.  The problem with crochet ones is it would take forever and I didn't start soon enough to get them all done.  I limited the amount of girls she could invite to ten that way it wouldn't be too difficult and cost too much.  I found one or two tutorials on making different Hello Kitty ears but I thought I would write my own and show y'all how I did mine.

First I bought some felt and some headbands.  I couldn't find felt at my walmart but I was in luck because my friend Amanda had some white felt she wasn't using and let me have it for free!  WOO HOO  Free always works for me.  I even have tons left over to give back to her.  Then, I still liked the crochet look so I crochet 11 red bows.  I found that tutorial on pinterest as well.  If you do not crochet, you can just make felt ones or I am sure you could order some crochet bows on etsy. Here is the tutorial for the crochet ones super-simple-crochet-bows

Onto the ears.  I started out by making my own template.  What I didn't like about a lot of the ears I found on line was that I think they were way to big.  It was my thought that they are cuter when the bow is bigger and the ears are smaller.  I made mine about 1 and 1/2 inches tall and I made them 2 inches at the base.  You wanna make them like you would a heart.  You know how you fold the paper in half a trace half a heart?  Fold the paper in half and draw your ear with the base on the fold.  It should look something like this

The fold is where my fingers are holding it.

Then you need to open it up and set it up on the felt and trace it.  At first I tried to just pin the ear in place and then cut around it but it took way too long.  I was trying to avoid the lines I knew would end up on the out side of the ear but don't sweat it because we are going to fix those later any ways.  So just trace the ear and don't forget you need 2 ears for each head band.  Mine looked like this when I was done

Then start cutting those puppies out!

After I cut out all of my ears I got a headband and figured out where I was going to place them.  The headbands I bought had ridges in them to help them to stay on your head and it was just my luck that right where I wanted the ears to go there was a break in the ridges.  This made it super simple to place ALLLL of my ears in the same spot on all of the headbands.  If you can find headbands that do this, it will make life so much easier.  If not, you just need to measure each one before you glue.

Next I place the ear where I want it to go on the underneath of the headband and then put hot glue on the TOP of the headband

Then I squeeze the ear shut only where the glue is on the headband.

Sorry my pictures are a little blurry but I was holding the headband with one hand and the camera in the other.  :)  Next, I put glue along the inside edges of the ear and pressed them together.

 And that's it folks!

Next I just went around and cut off the outside of the ears to get rid of any extra glue sticking out and the pen you can see in the picture.  Then I just hot glued on the bows as well.  I LOVE how they turned out!

And here is my birthday girl wearing her ears!

Success!  Good luck making your ears.  And in case you want to see some other tutorials on making these ears here are two others I found.
Felt bow
Felt Headband  This one is super cute too but I didn't think I had enough felt or enough time to sew all of them.


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