Friday, September 25, 2009

Childrens poetry

My sister Kristin, My dad and I started writing a children poetry book several years ago. We were going to try and get it published but then never did anything with it. We would call each other all the time and read things over the phone and what not. One night Cody was working and I was hanging out with my sister. We were really hyper and being crazy. We started talking about how crazy my dad is and all the different jokes he tells all the time. One thing he used to tell people is that he used to have a friend growing up with the last name Balls. People would gasp and what not and then my dad would go on to say that he always got teased and made fun of. Then he would always end the joke with, "Yeah, I can't believe his parents named him Harry!" And cue laughter...

I decided to write a poem in his honor.

My friends last name is Balls
and it causes him such grief
He'd rather it be Smith or Shane
That would be a HUGE relief
In stead it is just Balls
But that's not the part that's scary
You'd think his parents were smart enough
NOT to name him Harry

I called my dad and read it to him over the phone and for some reason he had NO idea where the poem was going until I read it. Then he laughed and hung up on me. Good times in the Shane family...

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